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A Journey Towards a Greener Future

Empowering Sustainable transportation

Transforming Urban Transportation
One Electric Mile at a Time

We are proud to be actively contributing to the green energy transition, empowering companies to make positive change and providing the technology to make that possible.

At FEST, we bring innovation to electric light commercial vehicles and software to maximize the value propositions of your business while delivering on your sustainability goals.

Our mission is to redefine world's urban transportation to become eco-friendly and smart.

By developing and manufacturing 100% electric and sustainable light commercial vehicles(e-LCV).
Smart: By developing and connecting AI-based digital solutions to improve efficiency of vehicles and fleets.

To be the global leader of world's sustainable urban transportation.

We see a world where each mile we drive contributes positively to our progress without compromising it at the expense of the environment.

To this end, we bring value to our partners, clients, and their end users within the whole ecosystem, contributing together to this green transition.

Phase 01

Global Production Strategy

(Up and Running)
Production Capacity
Units per year
Phase 02
Production Capacity in 2024
Units per year
Phase 03
The Americas
Production Capacity in 2027
Units per year

Inside FEST's Super R&D Center

Inside FEST's Super
R&D Center

Centralized Electronic Electrical Architecture(CEEA)

  • Centralizedly installing all of the electric components in the vehicle to the central location, enabling digital control.
  • An effective solution that realizes digitalization, intelligence, sustainability and quality, accuracy pursuit of automobile electrical system with module design, centralized control, and visualization integration. 
  • Improving car information security performance, enhancing the reliability of E/E systems, and realizing safe and reliable intelligent car systems.

Intelligent Cabin: The Second Working Space of The Future

  • Providing appropriate intelligent information feedback and adjustment according to passenger requirements;
  • Micro-climate control, indoor monitoring, sound suppression, intelligent security, and other functions;

Drive-by-wire Extendable and Multifunctional Chassis

  • Including line-controlled throttle, line-controlled shifting, line-controlled braking, and line-controlled steering, which are used to control the vehicle running; 
  • More compact structure, faster response, and more precise control; 
  • Expandable chassis, suitable for different sizes of vehicles and business scenarios; 
  • Considerably increasing the volume of the cargo hold;

Integrated Casting and Forming Technology

  • Lightweight, reducing the number of components;
  • Reducing the cost of body manufacturing and subsequent maintenance costs; 
  • Effectively increasing the utilization rate of materials.

Join FEST Ecosystem


Channel Customer

Our customers of all types can benefit in terms of lower operating costs, higher business efficiency and, as a result, a maximum ROI.


Service Providers

Service providers can expand their business in maintaining and repairing electric vehicles.


Charging solutions

A new opportunity for companies that provide charging solutions and equipment.


Financial Solutions

There will be more solutions for businesses to finance electric vehicles for their fleets.



Key players in the urban transportation infrastructure industry can make their contributions and benefit from them.


Power Sources

Electric vehicles will be powered by energy from traditional and renewable sources, such as solar and wind. 


Reduced Emissions

Electric vehicles can reduce CO2 emissions by over 30%.